5 Summer Real Estate Tips – Buying and Selling When It’s Hot

Like the weather, real estate markets are hotter in the summer. There are typically more buyers out looking for homes, and more sellers listing their homes for sale. If you are in the market for a new home or are thinking about selling during this time of year, there are some tips and trends to keep in mind to maximize your results.1. Sellers: Don’t Forget the OutsideDuring summer, landscaping and outdoor space are especially important aspects of your home sale. Maximize the space by keeping the exterior clean, organized, and inviting. Pressure washing, lawn care, and other regular maintenance tasks can do wonders for your bottom line.2. Buyers: Don’t Forget the InsideIt can be easy to get swept away by a great fenced lawn, pool, deck, and other exterior features, especially when you are house hunting at the peak of summer. But don’t let visions of outdoor relaxation and entertaining distract you from other essential home features or sway you into overlooking interior concerns.3. Sellers: Know Your CompetitionWith more houses on the market, knowing what you are up against is key. Being aware of other homes for sale in your neighborhood can help you define your home’s own weaknesses and strengths. Reviewing information on area listings can also help ensure that you price your home right.4. Buyers: Remember Your GoalsWhen a surge of homes come on the market at the start of summer, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. Don’t lose sight of the features that are most important to you, and try to set reasonable expectations that suit your budget, lifestyle, and overall needs.5. Everybody: Don’t Get Squeezed by the SeasonEven though summer is a prime time for buyers and sellers, don’t let the seasonal time frame become an added stress during your house hunt or home sale. Both buyers and sellers can find success throughout the year!